Modern Web Design

Why modern website design matters for your business

Having a modern website design is important to businesses because your website is a fundamental component in how your business is perceived and how your brand identity is conveyed. If you want your business to come across as innovative, modern, sleek, stylish even, then it is important to invest in your website accordingly. Simply because your website will be the first touchpoint your potential clients and customers will have regarding your business and services, well only if you have apt SEO, say like the kind we offer…

Looking after and modernising your website is the first step toward a more professional digital image and resultantly a more complete and respectable Brand image as a whole. However, at coastline studio, we are unflappable believers that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in website design and by extension marketing as a whole, despite what the rest of the industry seem to think.

We aren’t fussed about the optimise, harmonise, finalise, aggrandise, catalyse and whatever other meaningless fluff words that companies throw at you. Instead we agonise over every detail and meaning behind your business and where you want to be and figure out the best solution specifically for you and what you need, nobody else. Your website will be completely unique to you and your needs, that all starts with a free in depth consultation with one of our brilliant web developers.

The importance of mobile optimisation in modern website design

With 58.57% of total internet searches coming from mobile users, it is fair to say that mobile searches are market leaders. This means if you do not utilise UX effectively and do not cater to mobile users by implementing mobile optimisation on your website, then you are missing out on the majority of your customers simply because your website is not usable on mobile.

This is a huge price to pay for such a simple and easy fix, all of our website designs come fully mobile optimised, tablet optimised and are responsive to whatever size they’re being displayed in. This means that the website that we worked together on and collaborated to create will be perfect for use across all platforms eliminating the risk of missing out on such a huge chunk of your target audience.

That is why when you chose to work with us, you can be assured of quality and function with a website that has been specifically designed for your businesses needs and looks exactly the way you want it to, across every platform.

How modern website design impacts your search engine ranking

Having a modern website design is especially important in the SERPs because of how prominent User Experience (UX) is as a Search Engine Ranking Factor, meaning if your website is slow, unresponsive and difficult to use, google, Bing and any other search engine will see that and refuse to show your website.

Search engines see their searchers as customers and every website as their products, which means they only want to offer the best quality products to ensure customer satisfaction, especially after the May Google Helpful Content Core Update. So that means that your website has be modern, up to date, easy to use and optimised for all platforms, alongside having SEO, good quality content and appropriate linking.

Just like all the aforementioned components, having a modern website design is just as much an important ranking factor and will affect your search engine ranking. Either positively or negatively, depending on your website.

The benefits of a modern website design for user experience

All of our website designs are not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional and optimised for user experience. There are so many benefits to having a website optimised for user experience such as, having a wider reach, being vital to search engine ranking and having a respectable online presence and image.

Our Modern website designs offer wider reach because it will have been optimised for UX across all platforms, meaning your potential clients and customers can find, use and be impressed by your website on all platforms including mobile, which is where the largest percentage of searches come from (you’d know that already if you’ve been reading this page, if not, have a look there’s some good stuff here.)

Additionally having a website designed and made by use ensures that you will be positively effecting the search engine page rankings, because your website will be extremely easy to use and user friendly resulting in more improvements to your positioning.

There is also the added benefit of coming across professional and skilled because your website is so smooth and sexy, if we do say so ourselves. It does genuinely leave an impact when you use a nice website, I’m sure you can think of a time where a website has really impressed you, so why wouldn’t you want your website to impress your potential clients and customers. Alright, enough selling but if you’re not convinced, I honestly don’t know for you.

What can we do?


WordPress is arguably the world's most popular choice for building a website. It's versatile yet friendly interface is easy to learn and the extendible plugin nature of WordPress makes it a clear winner in most cases!


An excellent alternative to its competitors, is Drupal. An extremely extendible and diverse platform, perfect for complex and bespoke integrations.


Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms currently available. Whether you're drop shipping toiletries or distributing power tools, the feature-rich flexibility of Magento means it'll grow with your business.


For a project that doesn't fit into a mainstream CMS, we can design, develop and maintain a fully bespoke and custom engineered solution to perfectly wrap around your requirements.

Which one is right for me?

It’s wise to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants to best match a CMS.
Every Content Management System has it’s pros and cons.